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On this pages you will find software applications developed by me for software developers and private users, all with a freeware licence:

Development of own software products:

  • For software developers there are six DLLs under the name "SIGAMOS".

  • All my programs of the SiBA-series (Simple Business Applications) for business users will be only available in German language - sorry. The reason is that sometimes there are a lot of differences in law.

  • For users of the Homepage-construction kit "Website X5" (producer: there is a help too: "Extensions for Website X5". Especially for the "low cost"-versions "Free" and "Smart" (starting from Release 10 it was renamed into "Home") this program gives you an advanced functionality; this includes partial "Compact" too. Meantime there are some functions which could be from interest for users of "Evolution".

  • Because the development occurs as a sideline and it concerns freeware products, unfortunately, I can offer only mail support (only in the evening and on the week-end, partially with a response time of several days, according to availability). Should an answer keep waiting sometimes longer, I ask this already in advance to excuse - also a software developer takes sometimes vacation or can become ill.

All my programmes will be "real" freeware programs which may be used in the private as well as commercial area free of charge. Who uses of course in the commercial life programmes which were conceived for the private area, must manage the restrictions available perhaps then already itself!
Please, first read the licence text BEFORE you download the program (you always find it in the separately downloadable QuickStart PDF document) and decide after whether you the licence accept skill / wish.
In any case no other software is installed secretly by the installation of my programmes. Also you will find with me no irritating advertising banners or similar - you will senn only of a little bit of discreet self-advertising sometimes.

If you like one of my applications and you want to support the further development of it than you can buy the eBook to the program. If you believe that the price is to much for it than easy select another eBook by me. I say thank you very much for your support. An overview about all my eBooks in English language you can find here. I will get return about 30% of the eBook's price before tax and will use it for hosting this web pages and to buy new development tools. In contrast to a "Donation"-button you will get a real value:
  • Detailed description of each function.
  • Hints and tips for easier program use.
  • In most cases, the eBook contains one or more references to "hidden" functions.

The price of the eBook is proportional to the development effort.

Removed program:
At the end of October of 2019 I removed the program "PRIMA Screen Resolution Switcher". I will not develop it any longer.

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