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ATTENTION: This software can be used only by software developers!
SIGAMOS consists of some DLLs which you can include into your programs with Office-Access.
SIGAMOS is an acronym for "Similar Gateway to Multiple Office-Systems".
If you develop programs with access to Office-Systems and you use the functions provided by SIGAMOS then the users of your program can select between more then ten Office-Systems.

What are the benefits of using SIGAMOS?
  1. Benefits for software developers: Write your Office Access features just once using the SIGAMOS features and build a feature that allows your users to choose from more than 10 Office systems (as of December 2018) ,
    This would allow your applications to gain greater market acceptance, since they can also appeal to users of other office systems. Give your users the freedom to continue using their favorite Office system with your application!
    And: SIGAMOS is freeware! This will give you no further costs.
  2. Advantage for users: Users of your program can continue to work with their preferred office system. No additional costs for another office system. No time spent training in the new, forced office system. No trouble porting documents from one to the other Office system. For the users your programs a small piece of software freedom more.
  3. Advantage for developers of office systems: There is the possibility that the "small" office systems could acquire somewhat more shares in the market. Bad is none, but until now, with only a few exceptions, only the "top dog" was supported by (specialist) applications. This in turn strengthened its market position - a vicious circle that may perhaps be broken with the help of SIGAMOS.

What disadvantages does SIGAMOS bring?
  1. As a developer, you have more work to do to get used to SIGAMOS and to rebuild your office access to the SIGAMOS features.
  2. SIGAMOS currently offers only a basic set of features that I have identified as the most important. Thus, the functionality is somewhat limited. But you get access to the most important objects like Application, Document, Workbook, Worksheet, Presentation, Slide and many others. For example, you can continue to use functions not yet implemented in SIGAMOS for the previously supported Office system.

The DLLs (one each for word processing, spreadsheets and presentation in 32- and 64-bit) can be used by programming languages ​​that meet the following requirements:
  • Use of functions stored in DLLs.
  • Support for COM objects
  • Unicode support
  • Support of the "Variant" data type

The "Information & Demo Center" gives you an overview of all available options. The "Function Tester" makes it possible to test every single function with all
possible parameter combinations and at the same time it displays the complete function syntax. Several demos and source code examples in several programming languages ​​complete the package.
With Release 2.0, the main focus was placed on easier use of the DLL functions by software developers. If you use the DLL wrappers available for each DLL for the programming languages C++, Delphi and Free Pascal / Lazarus, you only have to write 3 lines of source code per DLL to load and unload all DLL functions.

  • Note: A complete list of all functions you can find in the QuickStart-Document (under the "Download & Links"-tab).
    actual Version:
    2.0.1 (02/08/2020) - Minor Update
    English (the QuickStart-Document also in Dutch, French,
    German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish)
    Portable usage:
  • Office-Groups and supported Office-Systems
    The complete program history you can find here.
    AbilityAbility Office Standard*
    Ability Office Professional*
    Corel Home Office*
    bhv Office Perfect X3*
    PDF-Office-Suite 2013*
    KingsoftKingsoft Office**
    WPS Office**
    Collabora Office
    MicrosoftMicrosoft Office
    Apache OpenOffice
    OxygenOffice Professional
    SoftMakerSoftMaker Office Standard*
    SoftMaker Office Professional*
    SoftMaker FreeOffice*
    Ashampoo Office*
    * - Only Word Processing and Spreadsheet. The Presentation-Application does not support COM-Calls.
    ** - only the Premium- or Business-Versions. The Home- and Free-Versions do not support COM-Calls.
  • Download (Zip) (59,289 KB)
    Note: There is no update for Release 2.0. Please read the chapter "Installation" in the QuickStart document!
    Only for Update from 2.0 to 2.0.1:
    QuickStart-Document in additional languages: Deutsch, Nederlands, Español, Français, Português, Pусский

  • Software Informer Virus Free award

    4.8 out of 5 stars with 96 reviews (as of 05/14/2021)
    Review by (PDF)
  • In this section I would like to inform you about what I plan for the next major release. This should give you as a user the opportunity to participate more actively in the development of the next release by telling me which of the planned features you want and which you don't. Or let me know your wishes (all via the contact form).

    Planned new features:
    1. Support of WordPerfect as 6th Office group.
    2. Sourcecode examples and wrappers for C#.
    2. Sourcecode examples and wrappers for VB.Net.

    Regarding point 2 and 3: I have no knowledge of C# and VB.Net. Nevertheless I tried to load the DLL with the import function (it works). When trying to load the DLL functions, I fail because C# does not want to know the data type "Variant" anymore. The type "Object" does not help me either. Who can help me here? Best with one example each for the functions WP_AppCreate and WP_DocNew - that would be enough for me. Many thanks in advance!

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