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Pure Image Display

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The complete program history you can find here.

Internal skins (default skin bold):
material dark, Ubuntu
I have already published two image viewer applications: „PRIMA Little Image Viewer“ and „PRIMA Image Racer“. Why a third one? With each release of this both image viewers some functions were added. At program start more and more settings must be read. This isn’t good for the performance of a program. So I decided to develop a pure image viewer with the only most necessary functions - and this will stay so. It’s enough to have a short look at a photo - and more it shall not do!
actual Version:
2.1 (11/26/2017) - Minor Update
English, German, Greek / Ελληνική (Greek only language file!)
Portable usage:YES
The most important functions:

  • Open image
  • Drag an image onto the program window
  • Start the program from the console with a parameter (the path to the image you want to display)
  • Fit image to window
  • Display image in it's original size
  • Change zoom
  • Rotate image 90 degrees to the right
  • Attach the displayed image to a new e-mail
  • Show each single image of a multipage file (*.tiff, *.gif, *.dcx)
  • Play animated Gif-files
  • Picture book mode
With the newest Release 2.1:
  • Greek language file (geogeo.gr)
  • PrimaPID.ini as Unicode instead of Ansi
  • Program-Info was changed to new Design
  • Problem on checking for updates because of different date formats

Download (7z) (3,287 KB)                        
Download (Zip) (4,501 KB)

Download Update to Release 2.1 (7z) (3,285 KB)                        
To this small application there is no eBook available. If you want anyway to thank for it then buy any of my eBooks. An overwiew you will find under www.jw-ebooks.de/en. Thank you.

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