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Here you can download the skins used by my programmes. To avoid redundancy by the actualisation of the Skins, you should provide per skin version only one folder and use this for all appropriate programmes.
Because all programmes with 2-3 internal skins in each case are delivered (i.e., these became in the Exe compiled), the download is optional. Who would like to use other skins than the provided internal ones, should tangle a Skin folder.
What are Skins? A Skin contains the description as the single windows elements (e.g., buttons, combo boxing etc.) look and behave (e.g., if the mouse about a button is moved). By contrast the developing components contained in the programme select this information and move them in the announcement.
Unpack after the Downlaod the file in an own skin folder and you access with every programme of me this.
The skins are made available by the manufacturer of the developing components liable for costs free of charge (without developing components in the programmes the skins are of use to nobody). In irregular distances new skins are provided by the manufacturer or also graphically gifted users.

Please, check in the respective program info the version number of the used skins. This (the number on the left hand sidfe from the point) must agree with the version number of the used Skins (e.g., you find in the programme the version number 9.14, then you should download yourselves the file with the Skins for version 9.xx).

Download of AlphaSkins version 9.xx:
Download of AlphaSkins version 11.xx, 12.xx and 13.xx:
(last updated: 11/12/2017)
Download of AlphaSkins version 14.xx:
(last updated: 10/06/2018)
Download of AlphaSkins version 15.xx:
(last updated: 03/27/2021)
Download of AlphaSkins version 16.xx:
(last updated: 03/27/2021)

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