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On this page you will find information, hints and remarks from me.

Changes to the fall 2022:

1. For family reasons, I will cease my activity as an eBook author on 01.09.2022. Whether temporarily or permanently, will only become clear in the course of 2023. This will also mean the end of the "edeus" series. Existing references and links in the programs will be removed when a new release is published.
2. In order to be able to concentrate more on the topics "lying" to me (picture, audio, video), I will no longer develop the following programs (nevertheless these are further available as download):
- Knowledge & Information
- Extensions for WebsiteX5
- CoDoToP
- THe ALF (only internal development and use for my purposes)
3) Why have I not delivered a single update or new program in 2022? This has several reasons: a) I was sick from October 2021 - January 2022 and could not continue working on my freeware projects during this time. b) After that I tried a lot of new things to be able to offer up-to-date, modern programs in the future. c) The programs in progress need much more time than I had planned. d) And also thinking about the future concept and appearance was quite time consuming.

"Consumption Recording" and "Password Protector":

On the weekend 23/24 April I finished my first app for Android. This was necessary because the mobile consumption recording website that comes with "Consumption Recording" does not run correctly on all smartphones because some manufacturers use an intermediate layer to display local web pages (for example, MIUI on Xiaomi; but this also affects devices made by Huawei and Samsung). With the next major release of "Consumption Recording", an Android app for mobile recording will therefore be available as an alternative to the website and will have enhanced functionality compared to the website. But now this app has to undergo an intensive test first.
An Android app is also planned for the "Password Protector" so that the stored passwords can be used on more than just a Windows PC or notebook.

However, both of these are still in the future. I will see to it that "Video - Cut & More" is finally finished.

Program documents (QuickStart and History):

My programs are offered multilingual since several years - thanks to the online translators. But this also brings a problem, which I would like to explain on the basis of my program "Rapid Image Viewer": Unpacked, the program in the current release 3.4 needs about 173 MB on the hard disk. Of this 101 MB are allotted to the folder "Doc". Here are two documents each in 58 languages. However, these documents are usually only used in one language, the rest takes up pointless space. Therefore all programs released from 2022 on (new and updates) will be shipped WITHOUT documentation. At the first program start after a new installation or an update the documentation will be downloaded for the detected language. If you change to another language in the settings, it will be checked if the documents for it are already available. If not, you have the possibility to download them. For the download you need an internet connection. Details can be found in the QuickStart document of the respective program.

E-books of the "edeus" series:

From now on, I will publish the e-books of the "edeus" series only in German and English via a publisher. This saves me a lot of time for the translation into another language and does not "overload" the publisher as much anymore. In return, after purchasing an e-book of the "edeus" series, you can request it from me free of charge in the language of your choice. All languages are possible, which are delivered by me with the corresponding program. For each purchased e-book you can request it in one language of your choice. You will find details in the respective QuickStart document.



When I noticed at the beginning of March 2021 that the third most views of my freeware pages come from France (after Germany and the USA), I was happy about this fact. As a small thank you, my freeware pages are now also available in French.


About my image viewers:

Little by little, I had developed four image viewers. In order to have more time for the maintenance of existing programmes and the development of new ones, I decided in August 2020 to continue developing only two. The "Image Racer", which was my most used image viewer for a long time, and "Pure Image Display" fell victim to this decision.
The "Little Image Viewer" will receive considerably more functions with almost the same concept. From release 3.0, the "Rapid Image Viewer" only keeps the features of the very fast single image display and that there is a lot of space for displaying single images (depending on the screen size). Otherwise it has been given a completely new concept and remains the "small", fast image viewer. There is a compensation offer for the buyers of the eBook on the "Image Racer".


Removed program:

At the end of October of 2019 I removed the program "PRIMA Screen Resolution Switcher". I will not develop it any longer.
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