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Little Image Viewer

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Internal Skins (default skin fat):
iOS dark, Ubuntu

A small picture viewing programme (Little Image-Viewer) with minimum functions and a special titbit:

In audiofiles embedded pictures (e.g., with MP3 downloads of Amazon) can be indicated and be extracted from the audiofile. And, besides, one can still sound the music...

actual Version:
2.1 (01/01/2017) - Minor Release
English, German
Portable usage:

The most important functions:

  • Single image viewing

  • Shows all images of a folder as thumbnails with preview

  • Read in all audiofiles of a folder with embedded picture, hear the music and view the pictures

  • Size change of pictures

  • Save-As-function with format change (e.g., from .tif into .jpg)

  • Send an e-mail with an image as attachment

  • Copy pictures to the clipboard

  • Run animated Gif files

  • Notice of the last 20 selected folders

  • Video (clip) see play and extract pictures from it

With Release 2.0:
  • Complete new created using a modern version of the programming language.
  • More modern and larger icons.
  • Camera support.
  • Additional filters for resizing of an image.
  • Better printing with preview from "Multi" and the Multipage-view in "Single".
  • 34 additional transitions for slideshows (all = 249).
  • Export of images into a PDF- or Avi-file.

With Release 2.1:
This is only a bugfixing-release!
I fixed bugs in the following functions:
  • Check for updates
  • Open Slideshow

Please support the further development of this application buying the corresponding eBook! More information you can get here.


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