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Little Image Viewer

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A small picture viewing programme (Little Image-Viewer) with minimum functions and a special titbit:
In audiofiles embedded pictures (e.g., with MP3 downloads of Amazon) can be indicated and be extracted from the audiofile. And, besides, one can still sound the music...
  • actual Version:
    2.1 (01/01/2017) - Minor Release
    Internal Skins
    (default skin bold):
    iOS dark, Ubuntu
    English, German
    Portable usage:
  • The most important functions:

    Single image viewing
    Shows all images of a folder as thumbnails with preview
    Read in all audiofiles of a folder with embedded picture, hear the music and view the pictures
    Size change of pictures
    Save-As-function with format change (e.g., from .tif into .jpg)
    Send an e-mail with an image as attachment
    Copy pictures to the clipboard
    Run animated Gif files
    Notice of the last 20 selected folders
    Video (clip) see play and extract pictures from it
    The complete program history you can find here.
    With the newest Release 2.1:
       This is only a bugfixing-release! I fixed bugs in the following functions:

    Check for updates
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