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Password Case

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The complete program history you can find here.

Internal Skins (default skin fat): GPlus, graphite

A program for the central management of passwords, PINs and PUKS (you can use it on portable memories like usb stick, SDHC card).

In february of 2015 I had forgotten my login data for a download portal. This is the reason why I started to develop this program - now I have to know only the Windows-Login and the Master-Password for my Password Case.

actual Version:
1.3 (11/26/2016) - Minor Release
2015 - 2017
English, German, Greek / Ελληνική (Greek only language file!)
Portable usage:

The most important functions:

  • Password protected access

  • A random number of users can register, everybody sees only the own entries

  • Save login name and password or for mobile phones / cellphones PIN, PUK und PUK2

  • Assign your entries to a category which you can define yourself

  • Copy the password into the clipboard, after it the content of the clipboard will be automatically deleted by a timer

  • Reminder for passwords with an expiration date

  • The entries will be saved in an encrypted database (Rijndael 256)

  • If the database was hacked: the passwords in it will be saved encoded

  • The transfer of the passwords on reading from the or writing into the database is encrypted

  • The passwords will be only copied (otherwise you insert it directly by the keyboard) - bad for keyloggers

  • The display of passwords in plain language can be protected by asking for the Master-Password

  • A function for creation of safe passwords

  • Some printing functions

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