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New layout for my Webpages.
The new program "PRIMA Pure Image Display" was published.
The new program "PRIMA Screen Resolution Switcher" was published.
The new program "PRIMA Knowledge & Information" was published.
11/07/16On the Start Page you can find only the last five entries in News and Updates.
09/26/16Beginning from today you can easily navigate directly between all applications.
08/23/16The three programs of my "PRIMA"-series Little Image Viewer, Image Racer and Password Case were included in the Softpedia's library and certificated as 100% virus free.
12/20/15A new optimizing of my web pages
Redesign of my web pages because of a new release of the used webpage construction kit. Now responsive design is avaliable too (this will display my pages on PC, Tablet and Smartphone correctly).
The freeware "Extensions for WebSite X5" is available, Version 1.3
Completely redesign of my web pages for using with mobile devices too (said the producer of website X5 - Google said that there is something wrong)
The freeware "PRIMA Password Case" is available, Version 1.0
The freeware "PRIMA Image Racer" is available, Version 1.0
The freeware "PRIMA Little Image Viewer" is available, Version 1.4
Repeated draught change: I will offer only Freeware products. Transformation of the web site.
Publication of the new-formed web page; becomes from now only a link to
Start of the rebuilding of my website.

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