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Since I'm ready to develop "PRIMA Video - Cut & More" (VCM) it replaces the for a long time used "Freemake Video Converter", which isn't Freeware any longer to me (the developers build in more and more necessities to pay for the program). But both programs have different main functions:
The "Freemake Video Converter" can convert into a lot of different video formats. The main functions of VCM are: Simple cut of digital videos, concat some video clips into one file and to extract an audio stream or images from a video. It's possible to select from a limited number of video formats for the destination file.
  • actual Version:
    1.2 (01/26/2019) - Minor Release
    Internal Skins
    (default skin bold):
    Zest, material dark
    2017 - 2019
    English, German
    Greek (only program, not QuickStart document!)
    Portable usage:
  • The most important Functions:

    "Collect" all wanted videos and images in the file list
    simple video cut
    simple image editor
    convert videos into another video format
    convert images into a video format
    Concat some video clips (and/or images) into one video file
    extract an audio stream from a video file
    extract images from a video file
    The complete program history you can find here.
  • Download (7z) (14,809 KB)                        
    Download (Zip) (21,233 KB)
    Download Update to Release 1.1 (7z) (14,724 KB)                        
    Download Update to Release 1.1 (Zip) (21,143 KB)
    Please support the further development of this application buying the corresponding eBook! More information you can get here.

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